Creeks in Oak Hill

There are 15 creeks that occasionally flow through Southwest Austin. The main creeks are Barton Creek, Williamson Creek, and Slaughter Creek.

Creeks That Run Through the Heart of Oak Hill

  • Barton Creek starts up by 71 near Bee Caves Road.
  • Slaughter Creek starts at 290 near the Hays / Travis border and flows East. It crosses 1826 and then MoPac.
  • Williamson Creek - Starts up by Covered Bridge Subdivision and runs down beside Highway 71 West past Silvermine Drive. It crosses Highway 71 at the bridge and runs behind the business development and Jack Allen's. It goes behind the HEB, crosses Old Bee Caves Road and then continues along 290/71 to where it goes under William Cannon at Freescale. It continues East, crosses under 290/71 and comes out just to the East of McCarty Lane. It continues parallel to McCarty Lane and goes under the Joe Tanner low water crossing. From there, it follows McCarty where it meets William Cannon. It then runs between Westcreek Neighborhood and homes along William Cannon, until it crosses Brush Country. From there it makes its way down to where it crosses MoPac.

Other Creeks in Oak Hill

  • Bear Creek - This creek runs down by 45.
  • Boggy Creek - This creek starts to the East of MoPac and runs East.
  • Danz Creek - This is an intermittent stream that flows in a natural channel beneath both lanes of State Highway 45 (AKA "the Outer Loop")
  • Gaines Creek, runs through Gaines Creek Park.
  • Grape Creek is down by Thomas Springs Road.
  • Little Bear Creek, a tributary of Bear Creek.
  • Long Branch meets Little Barton and becomes Barton Creek.
  • Myrtle Creek meets Grape Creek and flows to Barton.
  • Short Spring Branch, runs East of 71 to Barton Creek.
  • Thomas Springs Branch, it is up by Thomas Springs Road, of all places.
  • Travis Country Creek, runs through Travis Country.
  • White Branch, flows into Long Branch