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Oak Hill Trails Brochures

something new Rick Perkins ordered a bunch of brochures. See Rick to get some.

Oak Hill Trails Gimme Caps

something new Rick Perkins has Oak Hill Trails Gimme caps. Very cool.

OHTA in the Oak Hill Gazette

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OHTA has a facebook group

New OHTA flyer

Click: Oak Hill Trails Flyer free!!

OHTA Meeting

OHTA met at Austin Pizza Garden at 6:30 pm. on August 12th. Topics Discussed:
  1. OHTA trails Connections with Violet Crown Trails
  2. City Funding Design of YBC Trail
  3. Our future work:
    • We are hoping to get approvals to do work on the Freescale north perimeter trail as part of the YBC Trail.
    • Planning to work on cutting a trail in the West Williamson Creek Park that is just west of MOPAC and north of Williamson Creek.
    • Discussed the Violet Crown Trail connection alongside the north of Williamson Creek.
    • Keep Austin Beautiful next spring. Doing another Clean Up in the Williamson Creek area west of MOPAC with Keep Austin Beautiful.
  4. Status of Account at Austin Parks Foundation. We currently have $1583 plus a few more membership donations.

Oak Hill Trail Map from Austin

Oak Hill Trails Map The red lines are the MUTs (Multi Use Trails) that OHTA wants and the dark green is the bike plan and the light green is the city's trail area.